We knew when we purchased this trash-strewn/invasive-plant-filled, eroding piece of land ...she was meant for more.  

To be green and lush and cared for.  
To have bird songs and butterflies return through the planting of wildflower meadows.  
Bottles and trash removed from her creeks and pond.
New trails built that would be gentler on the land
To be restored and conserved 
She was meant to be shared.

Every. Single. Dollar. Collected from stays on the land, events we host, flowers/art we sell…will be spent giving this land all she deserves.  

* Stay with us! (in the summer of 2022 we began welcoming a select amount of guests per year to our land with luxe glamping accommodations
* Attend our events (beginning fall 2022: think farm dinners, live music, artists, and mountain bike retreats… we cant wait to share them as we dream them up)!
* Purchase an annual wildflower patch that will be planted in your name (or in someone of someone you love (before and after photos will be sent your way and if you come visit and see your plaque—feel free to pick some flowers from your patch! (when in season) ) 
* Purchase a pack of wildflower seeds  
* Donate directly 

* …Coming winter 2022: bring a piece of WILD into your home landscape fine art prints.

SUPPORT our Non-Profit: The High Country Trails Alliance

In 2019-in anticipation of someday finding our way to the High Country more than just a weekend or two a month-Brian founded The High Countries Trail Alliance with the future goal of creating more natural trails for hiking and mountain biking. The foundation is in its infancy and with your help—we will work to make the beautiful High Country forests more accessible and connected in a low-impact fashion for all to enjoy. 

How can you help support our project?

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